Managed Services

What is “Managed Services”?

You get regular oil changes and tune ups for your car. Why? To avoid sitting on the side of the road, engine smoking, worrying about the cost of repairs and how you’re going to get to work for the next few days. It just makes sense to take care of your vehicle because it’s critical to your life. Proactive maintenance is cost-effective too.

So why do many businesses wait until there is a major outage with their computer systems before calling a vendor? This “break/fix-it” mentality disrupts your workflow and sometimes forces you to overpay for ‘fixes’ that you’re not sure you need.

‘Managed Services’ means taking constant care of your business computer systems. It means saving money. It means maintaining productivity.

Our Solution: Remote Management Integration (RMI)

Let Adagio show you how efficient and affordable managed services can be. From 1 to 1000 users, Adagio’s Remote Management Integration [RMI] program is designed to free you or your existing IT staff from time-consuming tasks and bring optimum productivity to end-users.

  • Offer product quality, great support and solid operation methodologies.
  • Grow with the client and manage their support for the long term.
  • Help make the client and their business better.
  • Augment the client’s capabilities and help them achieve what they can’t on their own or with anyone else.

RMI – The Details

RMI bundles numerous services, regularly manages them and focuses on it. Our remote monitoring means we very rarely need to visit your location, keeping travel and expenses very low. This makes us efficient and definitely affordable.

  • Helpdesk Services: Analysts in our West Chester, PA Solution Center are available to solve your problems.
  • Network Management: RMI helps provide a complete overview of your network and all its components.
  • Patch Management: RMI helps provide the best protection possible and prevent the devastation of security breaches.
  • Remote Software Deployment: A comprehensive enterprise class solution for fast and easy upgrading.
  • Network and System Monitoring: Proactive 24/7 monitoring with multiple options for monitor sets, notification and response.
  • Maximize Security: Our RMI solution is designed with comprehensive security thoughout.


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