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Telecommunications is complicated, and managing your services is not simple. So when an Adagio client needs support—we attack the situation, leveraging our relationships with our partners to make sure that processes are followed and situations resolved.

Now here’s the best part for you: While we make your businesses more efficient and profitable, there is no cost to you for our expertise.

Adagio Communications Solutions provides expertise in the analysis, design, selection, and implementation of voice and data network services for our clients based on their needs and objectives. We then work with qualified service providers who can deliver the services you need. Our involvement provides an added level of customer advocacy between our clients and supplier organizations to determine the optimally efficient solution at the best price.

Our familiarity and influence with the industry’s top providers uniquely positions us to offer the broadest range of options—with no obligations to anyone but you.


Our firm has agreements with over 40 different service and hardware providers.

We’re truly carrier agnostic and will provide you an unbiased professional opinion based on our 25 plus years experience in the telecommunications industry.

Based on your complimentary no cost needs assessment by ACS we can help you determine what suite of service/s best fits your business needs.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Attend initial meeting with client to determine needs, future goals and objectives.
  • Gather invoices & prepare comprehensive analysis of all existing Data & voice services.
  • Recommend numerous providers to participate in bidding process, based on customer objectives, requirements and needs assessment.
  • Oversee and mandate requirements to all service providers to ensure clear understanding of expectations.
  • Provide a consolidated and simplified comparison overview of all service providers’ bids to easily review pricing and differentiators.
  • Join client as consultant in all live meetings with final service providers selected.
  • Aggressively negotiate with each vendor to ensure best possible pricing and value.
  • Physically attend conversion to ensure smooth transition of services.
  • Physically attend first invoice review with client and chosen provider to ensure billing and pricing accuracy from the beginning of partnership.

Service Breakdown

  • VoIP/Hosted IP PBX
  • Premise Based PBX
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Web Conferencing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Managed Firewall
  • MPLS
  • Internet
  • Integrated T1
  • Dynamic T1
  • Primary Rate Interface
  • POTS Lines


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