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Desktop Support

Adagio utilizes Remote Management tools to manage and support your business IT needs. Our team responds quickly and efficiently to fix whatever IT issues you and your team are facing. Our experience helps us to recognize, address and resolve your problems rapidly. Adagio also provides hardware support, at your location or ours, when you need it.

Network Setup


Our team is experienced in working with Firewalls, Switches, WiFi networks and most types of network equipment and any issues that may arise. We are fast to respond and if your network does go down, we will often detect it in real time and before your employees or customers take notice and we will do everything we can to get you back up and running quickly.

Microsoft 365 Administration

Microsoft 365 Administration

As a Microsoft Partner, Adagio can help you get control and easily administer your M365 tenants. We have experience with securing your accounts and making sure your tenant is kept up to date. We provide M365 backup and recovery services to help limit the impact of any cyber breach.

Optimize IT systems

Optimize IT systems

Technology Advisory Services – Adagio provides IT Audit and comprehensive advisory services as needed. Adagio’s engineers can provide reasonable recommendations in regards to IT Cybersecurity and Safety on a case by case basis to assist with Cyber Insurance polices and compliance.

IT Services in Chester County, PA

20+ years experience

Founded in 2002, our goal is to provide high-value technical and business expertise to our clients. The day-to-day activity of our technical team spans all dimensions of computer infrastructure hardware and software.

Our offerings include network architecture, design, consulting, planning, implementation, remediation and support.

Our technical knowledge base is cultivated through experience and training. Adagio team members are encouraged to not only maintain current certification status, but expand their skills via additional levels of training and certifications.

We are prepared to work with you to meet your technical needs today and help you prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. We are Adagio IT.

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